Article 22 is a designer brand of hand crafted jewellery that tells real stories of transformation of negative into positive.

During the Vietnam War,  American airplanes dropped approximately 250 million bombs in Laos alone. Today, less than 1%, around 500,000, of the bombs have been cleared. 

ARTICLE22 works with UK based Mines Advisory Group, an NGO that trains and employs locals to help heal their land.

PEACEBOMB, the first collection from Article 22 is jewellery handcrafted in Laos from Vietnam War shrapnel.  A virtuous circle, each piece helps clear unexploded ordnance, making land safe and providing new metal to artisans.  

How does your purchase of Article 22 have impact?  The more Peacebomb jewellery you wear, the more land you clear and make safe, the more metal for artisans to make more designs.  A virtuous circle. 

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