Our Story

Sydney-based Fiona Stafford first fell in love with handmade artisan design on a 2012 trip to Cape Town, South Africa.  Captivated by slow, traditional techniques, ethically sourced products and colourful design, the seed was sown for Agent of Trade.

With a plan to create a platform for artisan design, and a passion to make real social change with a minimal carbon footprint, she set about sourcing other like-minded businesses and NGO's that are driving demand for traditional craftsmanship in developing countries.

With the Fair Trade principles and the Sustainable Development Goals at the very heart and soul of Agent of Trade, Fiona hopes to drive the demand for artisan design, allowing artisans to produce goods using traditional techniques whilst receiving fair wages & conditions.  This leads to empowerment and self sufficiency which in turn fuels sustainable economies and benefits societies & humanity at large.

Agent of Trade - Curated Artisan Design - is a platform for some of the world's creative artisans to bring their designs to you. Every purchase directly benefits a person, their family and their community.